11 Top & Best Free Movie Streaming Websites in 2016 to Watch Movies Online

Best Free Movie Streaming Websites: Watching movies online is the best refreshment from daily routine and busy schedule. In these days people are developing the habit of watching movies on Journeys. One can watch movies either online or offline. watching movies by downloading is much time and cost consuming process. To avoid this people now a days preferred to enjoy movies by streaming them online. For this purpose I am giving the list of top free movie streaming websites.

As there is a trend for movie streaming sites, some sites take the advantage of it and trying to install Malwares and Viruses on our computers as soon as we click on play icon. Even some best movie sites are asking for bucks to stream movies online. Some of the websites are providing very poor quality and old content.

Some free movie streaming websites are not compatible with mobile devices due to their old technology. Due to this this reason mobile users are preferring to use movie streaming apps. To get rid of all above mentioned problems our team did a great research work and come up with top and best free movie streaming websites. You can also call this list as free movie sites for PS4 as you can use these websites to watch movies for your PS4 or PS3.

In this list of movies streaming sites, We only mentioned those sites which are available for free of cost, regularly updated, highly trusted and compatible with all the devices. Even though there is an official way of downloading movies via Torrents, This is highly risky process as many of the files in Torrents corrupt our system.


To watch free movies online in safe and time effective way I strongly recommend you people to stream movies online on those sites that I am going to mention. To watch stream movies online you only need strong internet connection. So lets check out the list of Top Movie Streaming Websites.If you want applications for your mobile phones to play movies, download any of these Free Movie Apps.

Must try: If you would like watch cartoon movies or cartoons TV series, Watch them on Best cartoons websites to watch cartoons online. If you have an account, you can also login to Hulu and watch the movies.

Best Free Movie Streaming Websites in 2016:

We have personally tried these movie sites. All these websites working very well. If you know any of high reliable source for watching movies online you can please comment below so that we can add that website to the list. Sometimes (When administrators update the server) these sites may down but for sure they will up in an hour or two. In case if you won’t find any of your favorite movie on one site keep trying other websites.


Putlocker is the very popular free movie streaming websites to watch all latest and popular movies for free. This website offering many movies at a different range of qualities so that it can used on both PC and mobile at an optimized quality. You can also download movies using this website. If you are unable access this free movie site in your location simply use VPN.


Viooz is very popular movie site to watch free movies in Eropian area. Despite of many ads, this website has grown like anything in lost few months. I love to use this website to watch all latest movies and TV shows. This website doesn’t require any sign up or registration to watch any movie.


Top free movie streaming websites

NewMoviesOnline is one of the finest free movie streaming websites which is very popular for its regular updates. All most, all newly released movies can be found on this site. This free movie sites support HTML5 so that it is compatible with all devices. This site is completely free and doesn’t require any signups to watch movies online. All the content is placed according to genres like animation, biography, comedy, horror, western etc. The quality of the content is very high.

4. MyMovieDownloadTube

best free movie streaming websites

Mymoviedownloadtube is the best free movie streaming websites which allows us to watch as well as download Movies, TV shows and TV series. Content is arranged very systematically according to the categories. As this site background updates on regular basis, it is compatible to all devices including iPad, iPhone. This site doesn’t requires any signups to watch content, login option is available for users to make them updated with latest stuff. Another most important feature of this site is that its having very good user interface so that adoption becomes easy. This free movie site is also providing games to download which becomes the another highlighted feature.

5. MovieNight

movie night free movie streaming websites

Movienight is one of a top free movie streaming sites in the region of Europe. Good user interface is making this site growing like anything. High quality stuff and regular updates making this site even brighter. Watching movies on Movienight is a very simple process and anyone can do that due to its good user interface. This free movie sites doesn’t requires you to signup to watch movies. As this site is a new one, compatible for all devices due to the adoption of new technology. I strongly recommend this site for Suspension Thrilled and detective movies lovers as this site home page is full of those movies.

6. FreeStreamingMovies

free movie streaming websites to watch movies online

Freestreamingmovies is one of the best free movie streaming websites that allows users to stream movies, TV shows and TV series. Content in this free movie sites is arranged according to the year that the movie was released. All new stuff will be updated regularly without compromising in quality. This site is one of the best mobile friendly website to watch movies. This site doesn’t requires any signups for free streaming of movies.


popcorn flix free movie streaming websites

popcornflix is top movie streaming website in USA. This website is very consistent in terms of quality and updates. popcornflix has huge collection of latest movies, TV Shows and TV series. This website own all the content in site, so it doesn’t redirect to any other website. More over this site does not require any registration to watch movies. This site is best suits for Western movie lovers, as site owners gives much priority to them. Though this free movie site is mobile friendly, popcornflix app is available for all mobile os platforms.


movies planet free movie streaming websites

moviesplanet is one of the best free movie streaming websites, very famous for its content quality. The major advantage with this site is availability of recently released movies. This free movie website is updated very frequently so that no user can get out of this website. Major drawback of this site is it requires signup for watching movies. Though the content quality very high, it redirected to third party sites to watch movies which will be a big issue when we want to watch movies on mobile devices.

9. Zmovie

zmovie free movie streaming websites

Zmovie, The very famous and recently established and fast growing websites. according wikipedia this website has five million users in 2015. This website demands registration for watching stuff. All the content is arranged in genre wise and having 50000+ videos. This website is very famous in developing countries like india and most content and is also related to those countries. This movie website offering a great feature named playlist to store customized favorite movies lists.

10. Movies4k

movie4k free movie streaming websites

movies4k is famous movie streaming website in Europe. This app lets the users to watch high quality Movies of different genre. This website very famous for holly wood movies but not latest. This website provides very high quality content but gives rather slow updates. This free movie sites is mobile friendly and supports almost all devices to stream movies. I recommend Movie4k for those who love holly wood action oriented movies as this website majorly focuses on those type of websites.

11. TubePlus

tubeplus free movie streaming websites

Tubeplus, a recently developed top free movie streaming websites got succeeded over night. The success behind the Tubeplus is it very regular update nature without sacrificing content quality. Another best feature is its user friendly interface. Watching movies without signup is another feature which reflects the future of Tubeplus. Tube plus majorly focused on recently released holly wood movies. It also offers top TV shows and TV series.

12. Primewire

primewire free movie streaming websites

Primewire is another Movie streaming app specially famous for its content quality and huge library of free movies and music. This website not only has a good user interface but also compatible for any device. This free movie website requires registration to watch movies. Primewire offers TV shows and TV series along with regular movies. This site has dis advantage of low loading speed of movies. According to wikipedia this website has 100000+ visitors. This website features reflects that number of visitors will keep increase consistently.

13. VKFlix

vkflix free movie streaming websites

VKFlix is another free movies streaming websites but it is not very famous but still it can serve the purpose. My team suggested this website because its add free and streaming speed also very fast. Coming to the content, it also fair but it could have been much better. VKFlix doesn’t compromised at content quality. This super quality content and user friendly interface booms VKFlix like anything. More over this free movie website doesn’t require signup for watching movies.


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